There’s some frustration among folks about today’s real estate market. Home prices continue to rise and interest rates are also making a move. The level of competition for buying a home has never been this fierce.

Even with all that said, finding a mortgage program that fits your financial needs and keeps you competitive is still within reach.

Premier Mortgage Resources can help applicants stand out from the crowded field of homebuyers.

We can meet current market demands. Right now, sellers sit in the driver’s seat. With the right team and lending product in place, it’s possible to speed through the contract and escrow phases and keep up. Sellers want to work with a buying team that’s both ready to make an offer and can get through the homebuying process at an accelerated schedule. Premier Mortgage Resources can get you there.

Sellers regularly get what they want. For example, they ask homebuyers to waive contingencies for the sake of speeding up the closing process. Homebuyers are aware of this tool that moves the process along, but in many cases, they’re unable to submit a competitive offer that gets the job done. You can trust Premier Mortgage Resources to make all the necessary maneuvering to get you there.

Premier Mortgage Resources’ operation department works diligently alongside loan officers to package together a mortgage program that works for you and stands out among the others. Our fast turn times set us apart from other real estate and lender friends out there.

When our clients go into the market and write or accept a contract that has our approval letter on it, they can trust that we’ll be able to get the loan closed on time.

We understand that buying a home hasn’t been easy for a lot of people, especially recently. Homebuyers have the income, credit worthiness and other financial resources to buy a home. But at no fault of their own, they’re missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

If you’ve missed out, don’t be discouraged.

Our team is highly qualified and knowledgeable. They specialize in getting clients into the home of their dreams through powerful lending programs. So if you want to enter the market and compete with the rest of them, reach out to learn more about our competitive lending programs.