Buying a home is a monumental achievement.

Moving out of your previous home into your new home shouldn’t be a monumental task.

With some planning and a few helpful tips — like starting to pack in advance — your move into a new home can be stress-free so you can jump right into the fun part of establishing a new home.

Get started right away

Last-minute packing and planning should be avoided at all costs.

When people rush their moves, they are likely to make some mistakes. The likelihood of breaking things increases with a hasty move. Waiting for the last minute can also make it more difficult to hire help on your preferred timeline.

To expedite the moving process, go ahead and pack things that aren’t needed anytime soon, such as décor, seasonal items and winter clothing, for example. A leg up on your moving will take away the stress and give you more time for other time-sensitive tasks.

Book help now

Moving companies are in high demand. The sooner you can book a time slot for help the better.

Do a little research before reaching out. Look at rates and customer satisfaction reviews to steer you in the right direction. When you book in advance, you’ll have one less thing to worry about when the big day arrives.

Pack systematically

Practice rhyme and reason when you pack.

When you box similar items together, it’ll be that much easier to unpack and put things away. Or, if you need to access something you accidentally packed too early, then you will have no trouble finding it.

Kitchenware, bedroom items, small gadgets and so on should be well organized and safely packed into boxes. Don’t forget to add padding at the bottom, sides and tops of boxes for protection. You can use bubble wrap, newspaper and even towels or blankets.

Inventory what you have

Keep track of what you’re packing. Whether it’s by room or category, your organization will help you maintain your sanity.

One easy way to do this is to number each box and then have a corresponding list on your smartphone with the contents of each box. It’ll be a huge time saver.

Don’t waste box space

Every cubic inch of your moving box should be used.

Of course, this does not mean over pack to the seams with heavy objects. Rather, fill in the gaps. If your box contains a stack of books, use the left over space to pack a pillow.

This efficiency will help you save on moving supplies and space.

Wait to pack essentials

Always have clothes, toiletries and other essentials at the ready.

Putting away things you use daily too early is a common mistake. This can lead to a frantic search for your toothbrush or clean clothes.

Be resourceful

New homeowners should invest in quality materials but also be opportunistic.

For example, you can use luggage and laundry hampers to store items. And you can find free boxes on community-based websites and apps such as Nextdoor.

If you need some extra help, enlist willing family members or friends.

With a little prep work and planning, new homebuyers can experience a stress-free and joyous moving day with the entire family.

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