Following a dry, hot summer, you’re probably looking forward to cooler temperatures ahead.

Your lawn is right there with you.

But remember that fall does not mean a reprieve from lawn work.

As a reminder, here are five tips on how to care for your lawn during the fall and winter months ahead.

Clear leaves
Whether you prefer to use a rake or a leaf blower, it’s important to keep up this essential fall maintenance task.

Try to avoid waiting until a large pile of leaves have accumulated. As time passes, the blanket of moist leaves will block sunlight and oxygen from reaching grass and can feed harmful fungal disease.

Aerate soil
Believe it or not, the cooler months are the best time to aerate soil.

A renter aerator is affordable and is self-propelled, letting you breeze through this important task. In one session, you can increase the flow of oxygen, water and fertilizer.

For larger lawns and yards, it might be best to hire a landscaper to help.

Weed abatement
Unsightly weeds like dandelions can overtake your lawn if left unchecked.

As the weather cools down, it’s a great time to address this issue. During cooler months, weeds are absorbing as much energy as possible, soaking up water or anything else.

A few recommended doses of herbicide will ensure their demise.

Continue mowing
It’s important to continue mowing the lawn during the cooler months, but there are some adjustments you can make.

As winter enters its coldest phases, use the lawn mower’s lowest setting to trim away as much as possible. As a result, the lawn’s crown will get more sunlight when it’s needed the most.

Fill grassless areas
The summer has been rough and is exasperated by drought conditions. As we look forward to a better spring, now is also the time to fill in bald spots along the lawn.

All-in-one lawn repair mixes are a great solution, which work particularly well during cooler months. The mixture contains grass seed, organic mulch and a fast-working fertilizer.

Addressing grassless areas is as easy as scratching loose top soil with a rake or other tool. Then, apply and pat down a generous layer of the mixture on top.

With regular care, you can have a lawn that’s never looked better.