There’s nothing quite like that confidence and feeling you get from dressing up and going out for a big night – the same is true about staging your home.

It’ll make a big difference, especially when it’s time for the open house and photoshoot for advertising. Remember, all eyes will be on your home so make it shine with these easy tips.

Declutter 101
Try to get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy. Home sellers should declutter their home before the big showcase. Decluttering your home will make it appear more spacious and provide potential homebuyers an emptier canvass to use their own imagination on what the home will look like for them.

Two simple rules: For every item you add, remove two. And, if there’s something you can live without, get rid of it or store it away.

Don’t Wall It
A room will feel more functional and spacious by simply rearranging furniture off the wall.

This technique is called floating. Furniture is placed toward the center of the room, creating a cozy setup for conversation. That’s the image you want to convey to those who come view your home.

Good Lighting
Increase the warmth of your home with good light source placement and use.

One step is to swap out your current light bulbs with a higher wattage to maximize the light your lamps and other furnishings emit. Avoid limiting your light sources to just one lamp or fixture. Ambient, task, and accent lighting may really make your room shine figuratively and literally.

Bigger is Better
From decluttering to proper lighting, making your home feel bigger is important.

If you have the time, paint a room the same color as the room next to it. This creates a continuous plane and will seamlessly merge the rooms together, creating the illusion of a larger, attached space. Another option is to paint the room the same color as the curtains.

Hang It Up
Avoid a line when hanging up art, mirrors, print or other decorative pieces. Instead, arrange your wall art creatively, in clusters or stacks. These eye-catching patterns will break up that monotony of boring lines and truly show off what you have to display.

Getting ready for an open house and staging can be a lot of work, but following these easy steps will make the most of your time and allow your home to shine for the big day.