Buying a home and relocating into a new neighborhood is the result of a long, hard-fought journey.

From finding the right loan program, submitting a competitive bid and filling out volumes of paperwork, it can be easy to forget about getting the particulars on your soon-to-be neighborhood.

It’s important to know about the nearest shopping hubs, schools, parks and hidden gems, isn’t it?

Before you become too busy with the details of home buying itself, here are 10 savvy things to look for in your next neighborhood.

Noise levels
The level of activity will not be the same at different parts of the day. Noise is also an often overlooked home trait. When was the last time a house listing provided the noise score? It doesn’t.

Do a little digging and ask neighbors and drive by at different parts of the day to get a true gauge of how loud it gets around your potential home.

Overall safety
Again, a visit to the home at 10 a.m. might look a whole lot different than one at 11 p.m.

Take a look at online crime reporting to see the complete picture and statistics on crime and nuisance activity to see how safe the new neighborhood truly is.

The tree situation within your neighborhood can tell you quite a few things. The more trees, the cleaner the air. The more mature trees, the more shade you can share.

But there’s more. A recent study, in fact, found a correlation between overall happiness and high-tree density.

Commute routes
How many streets and avenues get you onto main roads? How far do you have to zig zag before finding the nearest highway?

Scrutinize Google maps around your potential home and test out the roadways yourself to see what your commute will look like. Remember, it won’t be long before you’ll be doing more driving. So, you’ll want to be familiar with all the commute routes.

Knowing about the destinations is sometimes overlooked. But it’s a big deal.

We’re talking about grocers, gas stations, ice cream shops, retail, parks, swimming pools, coffee shops, gyms, farmers markets and so many others. A quick drive through the area or Yelp search won’t always cut it. Ask around to learn about annual events or hidden gems to get a full menu of your options.

Exercising spots
Having a nearby gym isn’t always enough. Membership costs or far distances could get in the way.

Scout out places where you can get in a jog, bike or swim in the neighborhood. You’ll be glad you did because skipping the gym for a spontaneous outdoor workout can be rejuvenating and restorative.

Community feel
If you want to feel a part of the community, or keep to yourself, then you’ll want to learn what the community is all about.

Try to get a sense of the community vibe by going to the local shopping areas, parks and other communal gathering places. Once you find something on your wave length, you’ll feel it.

Fire, police and hospitals
Hopefully it’ll never come to it, but there might be a time when you or a neighbor will need emergency services.

Learn about the nearest police stations, fire department and medical facilities to give you peace of mind that help is not too far away.

Retail therapy
There will be times when you’ll need a little shopping in your life. Locate all the nearby shopping, retail and food establishments. Maybe you’re a coffee aficionado who must live within two miles of a specialty coffee store. Or, maybe you love reading and can’t do without the smell of books. See what your community has to offer and take note.

If you have a family, there’s nothing quite as important as quality schools. Maybe your children are still in diapers. That’s OK. If you’re planning on staying for a while, you’ll want to make sure you feel comfortable with the quality of schools.

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