The benefits of a home renovation may not outweigh your out-of-pocket costs.

Before you plan a remodel or major renovation, it’s important to do the math to recoup the costs of the project when you sell your home.

Try to raise the value of your home with these five wise renovation ideas.

Add a deck
A deck is a perfect place for family and friends to gather for a BBQ or a little sun.

Your investment in this outdoor escape can reap good benefits back in value when you decide to sell as well.

Homeowners maximize their investment by including unique features, such as bench seating, and high-quality materials that extend the life of the outdoor gathering area.

Upgrade kitchen
Since a lot of time is spent inside the kitchen, remodels here tend to add good value to homes.

Appliance updates or the addition of a window over the sink are good ways to increase appeal.

It’s important to research the costs of materials for counter and cabinetry updates a little more closely. Crunch the numbers and see how much return you can expect based on projected home sale price.

Add a home office
As more people earn money in the gig economy and telecommute, the value of a home office has increased.

If space is available, think about reconfiguring an area to accommodate plenty of work space and other necessities, such as internet cables, power outlets and natural light.

Add curb appeal
The curb appeal of your home matters greatly when it comes to value.

If potential buyers are left with a good first impression of your home, they may value the home over the asking price, especially if there are other bidders.

Pay attention to every detail, from the exterior paint, driveway and outdoor potted plants, to truly enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Up the lighting, increase space
Create living spaces that are well-lit and open.

Knocking down a wall will not only create more square footage and light, but it’ll make the area feel much bigger, increasing the appeal and value of your home.