Is your home prepared for the incoming winter season?

As fall turns into colder months, you’ll need to start thinking about protecting your investment.

Here are five things you can do for a cozier, happier home this winter.

Seal exterior
The wood trimming on your home must be protected from the elements. Paint, caulk and sealant go a long way in providing a coat around your home to fight against dry rot.

The wood used around the home can be expensive to replace. So the next best thing is to take preventative measures.

Take time to walk the perimeter of your home to identify the trimming. Look for cracked caulking and paint chippings. Scrape off whatever will come off and apply a fresh coat of paint or caulk.

Check drainage
Examine the soil around your home for hardening.

Settled areas can pool with water and create havoc on the home’s foundation.

Fill any low spots with soil.

Then, check your rain gutter and downspouts, ensuring that all water sources are aimed away from the home.

Clean gutters
Now that you’ve checked your downspouts, it’s time to get on a ladder and clean the gutters.

Blocked gutters can speed up the deterioration of your home’s exterior.

Prevent this from becoming an issue by cleaning your gutters ASAP to keep the water flowing.

Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
Winter, unfortunately, is the time of year for the most house fires.

It’s also the time of year that the home is closed up the most, amplifying the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Ensure your family’s safety by making it a habit to check these two things every winter.

Examine trees
As they begin to surrender their leaves, do take time to examine the health of your trees.

A dying tree isn’t obvious, so carefully examine for disease or precarious leaning branches. If the tree looks healthy overall, all you’ll have to do is trim away those threatening branches.

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