As a homeowner, making your home look its best is a top priority. That’s why you’ll be beaming with fulfilment and pride once completing a home-improvement project.

Projects that are both easy on the eyes and good for the pocketbook are the best kind. Here are five renovations that provide both.

Garage door
Upgrading the garage door may not be the first thing you ponder when it comes to tackling your first project. But when it comes to value, fewer projects have a higher return on investment.

With so many styles and colors available, this project will let your home shine and boost its curb appeal and value, too.

Entry door
Speaking of doors, the home’s front door is one of the first things your guests will see. First impressions matter.

Make that first sight count with a stylish, solid wooden or steel door with a color that pops. The cost is well worth it.

Looking for more room to entertain but can’t afford a total remodel that adds square footage? Then a backyard deck is an ideal alternative.

Imagine all the BBQs and backyard excitement it’ll bring on a typical Friday night with the family or when having guests over for a BBQ.

A deck will be expensive, but it can be a great value added and an investment that will recoup nearly 100 percent of the cost.

Some homeowners don’t immediately think about replacing siding, but this project covers a lot of ground aesthetically and on the wallet.

This renovation will bring new life to the entire exterior of the home, dramatically transforming the look of your house with a single project.

Bathroom upgrades
Bathroom remodels age well – particularly because older people will look for features such as walk-in showers and support bars when shopping for homes.

As far as value added, bathroom remodels with these features can go a long way.

Along with new flooring, vanities, and faucets, think about other add-ons that will add comfort and safety for everyone.